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Join us for 50 minutes of calorie-torching, high-energy, group indoor cycling. Each of our classes are customized to meet your pace and your fitness goals. We know you will love it!

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Join a community that feels like a team

Regardless of your fitness level, you become part of the group through hard work and dedication!

Bike an average of 11-25 miles in 50 minutes

Miles of smiles! Pedaling a bike burns off excess adrenaline and helps slow the production of stress hormones.

Improve heart health

This is a cardiovascular activity, which helps your heart grow stronger and healthier

“Jared's class was challenging and enjoyable. Great positive vibe, great music, great workout! Jared kept up the high energy level from start to finish. ”

Current Member

“Since I started spinning last Oct I would say I’ve lost about 22 lbs. But more than that, my body has changed completely-- the way I look, I feel more athletic, I feel better. I’ll be out at my kids’ games and people who haven’t seen me in a while will be like do you look more athletic? what have you been doing? And I say, “I spin. I have found the joy of spinning! Honestly thats what I tell them.”

Current Member

“The sense of community at JoyRide is unique vs. any other fitness place I know.”

Current Member

“I've never done a cycling class before, but after attending the JoyRide event, I figured I should check it out and I am SO glad I did. JoyRide's staff and members are INCREDIBLE —they put me at ease, from start to finish. I have never felt more welcomed, supported and motivated at any other studio/gym in CT (and I've been to A LOT). I can't rave enough about how amazing everyone was. Armond's class was KILLER. I came home on a physical and emotional high and told my sister she HAD to go too. She did and she fell in love too.”

Current Member

“JoyRide is an inclusive, upbeat friendly indoor cycling studio. There are supportive and helpful instructors for beginners. Advanced riders find motivating and challenging classes. All riders are encouraged to have fun and make one’s self better physically and mentally!”

Current Member

“JoyRide makes exercising and getting fit FUN. The music, the instructors, the adrenaline, and the atmosphere make classes fly by, leaving you excited about your next class.”

Current Member
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